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Thread: Ready Built Senior Telemaster, Yellow

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    Ready Built Senior Telemaster, Yellow

    Ready Built Senior Telemaster, Yellow

    Huge, Almost-Ready-to-Fly 8 foot Senior Telemaster ARF available in 2 colors
    94" wingspan, 64" long, 1330 sq. in. wing area (Stab area 320 sq. in.), 10 lbs. 8 oz. flying weight (41 series AXI motor, 16 NiMH cells). This is EXACTLY the same flying weight that it is when equipped with a glow engine. It is READY BUILT and COVERED in yellow iron-on covering. Just install your power system and radio equipment and FLY IT! Ready Built Senior Telemaster is accurately constructed of balsa and hardwoods, with a rib and spar wing. The quality is tops. Its bright yellow covering is easily seen at 500 yards! How does it fly? Its a Telemaster - and nothing flies like a Telemaster! It will land backwards in a 15 mph wind. Its takeoffs are majestic like an airliner. For aerobatics or carrying heavy loads weve included wing struts and secure mounting points that will help the huge wing carry heavier positive G loads. Ready Built Senior Telemaster has a two-piece wing. You can haul it in a small car. Almost all hardware is included in the airplane's box: Wheels, steerable tail wheel, hinges, pushrods, control horns, and more. For 4 channels: Aileron (2 servos), Elevator, Rudder and Throttle. If you are building the Senior Telemaster for glow power you will need a .61 engine (TTR9160).

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    Re: Ready Built Senior Telemaster, Yellow

    My first modern Telemaster about to take it's maden flight piloted by my son Tom.
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    Lew Heifner

    Rememer Custer? He had a "Plan" too.

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    Re: Ready Built Senior Telemaster, Yellow

    More photos of "Telly 1"
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    Lew Heifner

    Rememer Custer? He had a "Plan" too.

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    Re: Senior Wing Struts, build?

    I just started the build of the ARF Senior Telemaster and I am having a problem with the instruction on building the Struts. I can see from the photo in the manual the fuselage mounting nuts and it's construction but I am having a hard time with the Wing end and how it is mounted to the Hard Spot in the Wing. The photo isn't clear and the instructions are very bad. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Ready Built Senior Telemaster, Yellow

    Hi Mike. I am also building my Senior Telemaster right now and ran into the same thing. I "think" the idea in the manual is to make a U shaped piece of bent wire that is epoxied into the end of the wing. Then a screw/washer is used to fasten this end to the hard point in the wing.

    I used a small brass hinge screwed to the strut end and the wing hard point. Seems like it will work well and I won't lose the strut since it stays attached. When not connected, it just hinges down flat.

    By the way, if you follow the instructions and mount the fuselage brass piece BEHIND the landing gear, you will be able to swing the strut out of the way easily, but the strut will mount at a slight angle to the leading edge of the wing.

    If you decide to keep the strut straight and make it parallel with the leading edge by putting that brass piece in front of the rear landing gear wire.....well, it is a little more difficult to hook up the strut. Not too bad, but more difficult.


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    Senior Member Jay Burkart's Avatar
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    Re: Ready Built Senior Telemaster, Yellow

    By the way guys,
    There is a very good and extensive Build Thread and forum on RC Universe on the Telemaster.
    I suggest you all might want to look through it if you haven't already.
    Here is the URL: ... ey_/tm.htm

    By the way I find the struts not necessary if the wing is built well and there is not a large payload
    in the fuselage.

    I fly one with a 10 ft wing and used to fly it with a 24 cell Nicad pack with no problems.
    I use a LE CF pin and TE Nylon bolt system to hold the wing on to mine.
    Plus the wing is joined in the middle like a sailplane wing with a 5/16 Drill steel rod.
    There are ideas like this in the forum on noted above.
    Hope this might help you all.
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    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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    Re: Ready Built Senior Telemaster, Yellow

    Hi Jay. I've viewed that thread along with several others on the Senior Telemaster. A few things become apparent when reading them.
    1) There is no general consense on whether the struts are needed or not.
    2) Everyone is confused on how to attach the struts.
    3) There seems to be several versions of the wings out there.

    My wings have 2 maple spars and seem very strong. I did put struts on the plane, just in case.


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    Senior Member Jay Burkart's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    Smithfield KY

    Re: Ready Built Senior Telemaster, Yellow


    Several things here:
    First, Yes there are different versions, the Telemaster has been around for about 40 years or so.
    So there have been many redesigns and different kittings.

    That also goes with why there is no standard strut configuration. Also since modelers were building these kits there
    were many different ways of putting on struts. Everyone had there own favorite way. Also a lot of time
    the instructions would just say "put the struts on if you need them"

    The struts were a carry over from when the battery or equipment load was high such as 20+ Nicads for electric
    or a load of batteries for the old tube receivers and also payloads or bomb drops.

    With a light load that we carry now days I feel that struts aren't necessary as long as you are sport
    flying it and not doing a lot of aerobatics. IMHO.

    You said Maple spars. Do you mean Spruce or Birch.
    I have never seen Maple spars. :)
    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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    Re: Ready Built Senior Telemaster, Yellow

    Jay, I agree with everything you said. The Telemaster is a great plane and for that reason, it has been around a long time. I'm not really complaining about the wing struts. I think they look good on the plane and may help. Guess I'd never know if they were needed would I, unless I didn't use them and it turned out that they were needed :mrgreen:

    Heavy nicad packs, VACUUM, that goes back a few years!

    Minor inconvienence to install the struts to fly though. Maybe I'll take them off later.

    It might be a good idea to just make a single sheet addition on how to install the struts though and tape it to the boxes when shipped. That shouldn't be too difficult. The fuselage side was quite clear. Mounting to the wing was not clear at all in the manual.

    My spars could be birch instead of maple. They aren't spruce for sure. They sure look stout and should be very strong.


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    Re: ARF Senior Telemaster, Yellow

    Hello All:

    Well the first day, Dec 26th, went well for the first 11 flights of my Christmas Present from the Wife. The ARF Senior Telemaster Yellow 8' Big Bird is dead. I was towing gliders and banners most of the day with Flaperon, Ch#1 & #6 set up on the Transmitter. All flights went very good, you know nothing flys like a Telemaster, until the 12th tow job. I released a banner tow rig low to the runway in practice for a flag towing next month, all went well on the release and the Tele nosed down so I gave it a little up elevator and the Wing Strut, brass 6/40 bolt, broke at the Fus attach point and the Hard point mount riped out of the wing alowing the strut to come down by its self. The wings started to discinergrate and raining down balsa wing ribs pieces, then the wing came off the plane and as you know gravity rules. Both struts came loose from the cheep glue joint in the wings, All Glue joints are failing to bond to the Cheep Balsa used for the build up. During the Maiden flight I Rolled and Looped the plane checking it's Wing Loading with out problems. The loud POPING sound when the wing strut gave way indicates the failure was over loaded.
    This is the E-Mail I sent to Hobby-Lobby.

    David Carly:

    I received your E-Mail address from a previous case number Case #XXXXXXXXXXX: "Telemaster 12 ft".

    I now have two Telemasters that have crashed due to a strut failure during flight.

    The 12 telemaster was replaced with a new Senior Telemaster ARF for a tow tug for gliders.

    Today was the first day of flying and I made 12 flights and every thing was going well, until the strut on the wing gave way causing the wing to rip off the plane. I have several people watching the plane and they all said the strut broke loose first then the wing started to rip apart and fail.

    Upon further checking I found the control surface hinges not glued in but a screw to hold them in place.

    The balsa wood is super soft and not very good for balsa build ups.

    The workmanship is good but I think the struts need to be revised for better strength, If needed for flight.

    Most all failed glued joints came apart at the joint from a bad selection of GLUE.

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