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Thread: Senior Telemaster Kit

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    Senior Telemaster Kit

    Senior Telemaster Kit

    No other airplane flies like the SENIOR TELEMASTER!
    95" span (almost 8 feet!), 1330 sq. in. wing area, plus 320 sq. in. lifting stab area. 63" long. Ultra light balsa construction. For 4 channels and .40 to .60 engines. Senior Telemaster uses 4 RC channels. A 5th channel could be used to make the ailerons also function as flaps (flaperons). With flaperons it nearly hovers into landings! Nothing, nothing, nothing flies like Senior Telemaster! Senior Telemaster is so lightweight that we've found it flies beautifully with a .45 size engine.

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    Re: Senior Telemaster Kit

    You want to see something cool? A senior Telemaster with lights? Or one that can fly all day? Well here it is...

    We flew this plane twice at night at a fly-in in Summersville, WV, August 14-15. It has lights all throughout the botten of the fuse, the in the wing-tips. It is powered by a BCMA(SPE)-26 and can fly about 16 hours.

    [attachment=0:2xgy9hep]6534_121056213515_120989403515_2242329_1684970_n.j pg[/attachment:2xgy9hep]
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 4463_1169452879300_1317322151_453224_3312060_n.jpg   4463_1169453039304_1317322151_453228_4329297_n.jpg   6534_121056213515_120989403515_2242329_1684970_n.jpg  

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    Re: Senior Telemaster Kit

    Very cool. Good Job.

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    Re: Senior Telemaster Kit

    The Senior Telemaster ready for a night flight in Summersville WV.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSCN1122.JPG  
    Lew Heifner

    Rememer Custer? He had a "Plan" too.

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    Re: Senior Telemaster Kit

    Is it true the landing gear metal form is not included in the kit like I've heard ??? :?

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    Re: Senior Telemaster Kit

    In the balsa Senior Kit the metal landing gear would normally be in the kit.
    But the latest kits coming in are missing the landing gear and we have
    secured a new manufacturer and will be getting them back into the kit.
    In the meantime we are discounting the kits and the customer can make their own.
    When we get a stock of gear in they will be purchaseable separatley if you
    haven't fabricated your own.

    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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