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Thread: Mini Telemaster RTF w/2 Wing Sets

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    Mini Telemaster RTF w/2 Wing Sets

    Mini Telemaster RTF w/2 Wing Sets

    Ready-to-Fly airplane with both regular and aileron wings included
    47" wingspan, 32-1/2" long, 329 sq. in. wing area, 23 oz. flying weight. Mini-Telemaster is now offered as a Ready-to-Fly airplane. Included are a 6-channel 72 MHz transmitter and 6-channel receiver, a 110v plug-in wall charger for NiMH/NiCD battery packs and a 7-cell NiMH flight battery and the propeller. 2 wing sets are included; begin with the regular wings (without ailerons) and when you want to move up to 4-channel control just switch to the included aileron wing set.

    Airplane is pre-built and pre-covered, a brushless 1300Kv outrunner motor and 30A speed control are pre-installed. The elevator and rudder servo are installed and ready to be plugged into the receiver. Nearly all the building has been done for you, what remains can be done without glue in less than an hour. The main landing gear is pre-bent wire and the tailwheel is steerable.

    When it comes to flying, Mini-Telemaster flies like a Telemaster: smooth, responsive, and predictable. It still has all of the gentle handling and slow flight characteristics of the larger Telemaster airplanes. The difference is it can be flown in a much smaller area. For 3 or 4 Channels: Elevator, Rudder, Ailerons (optional) and Throttle.

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    Re: Mini Telemaster RTF w/2 Wing Sets

    RCGroups has a complete review of the Mini Tele RTF posted here:

    Here is a summary of the review:

    The RTF w/2 wings is a very nice package. The standard wing makes for an excellent trainer in calm wind conditions. The aileron wing gives the Mini Tele better wind handeling and basic aerobatic abilities. If you install a 3-cell Lipo battery on the aileron wing model, you get a mini pattern ship that can go like a rocket. The best news is that all you have to do is pull back on the throttle stick and you get back your mild mannered Telemaster.This has to be the easiest performance upgrade around.

    Here's something for everybody - Beginners, Intermediate Pilots, Hot Dogs - All in one package and it flies in a normal school yard.

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