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Thread: Mini-Telemaster ARF

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    Mini-Telemaster ARF

    Mini-Telemaster ARF

    No time to build the kit? Now an Almost Ready to Fly airplane!
    47" wingspan, 32-1/2" long, 329 sq. in. wing area, 23 oz. flying weight. Up until now, if you wanted a Mini-Telemaster, you had to build one yourself. Not any longer. Mini-Telemaster is now offered as an ARF. Airplane is pre-built and covered. The hard building has been done for you. Assembly takes only about 3 hours and consists of gluing the wing halves together, installing the tail parts to the fuselage and installing the radio equipment. The main landing gear is pre-bent wire and the tailwheel is steerable. When it comes to flying, Mini-Telemaster flies like a Telemaster. Smooth, responsive, and predictable; it still has all of the gentle handling and slow flight characteristics of the larger Telemaster airplanes. The difference is it can be flown in a much smaller area. For 3 Channels: Elevator, Rudder and Throttle.

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    Re: Mini-Telemaster ARF

    So-I bought the mini-telemaster and have now TWICE cratered her into the ground within the first seconds of flight.

    What am I doing wrong? She takes off, then lifts the nose and keels over to the left into the ground.. nothing I can do to correct it..the CG is correct and all the controls worked fine on the ground.. range checked etc etc etc. There is NO indication on the aircraft where the CG should be.. so I just placed it on the spar? Shes slightly nose down in fact.

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    Re: Mini-Telemaster ARF

    Sounds like a stall if the nose if rising, then falls to the ground. Focus on keeping the fuselage level with the ground and just climb at a shallow angle until to get the hang of it. It will take some practice and everyone crashes when learning. You'll learn some new valuable repairing skills during this process as well. One day it will just click and you'll be flying without even thinking about it, just having fun. Keep it up and enjoy.


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