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Thread: Mini Telemaster Kit

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    Mini Telemaster Kit

    Mini Telemaster Kit

    Electric Parkflyer is half the size of Senior Telemaster!
    325 sq. inch wing area, 45" span, 20 oz. flying weight, 9 oz. per sq. ft. wing loading, 48% scale model of the Sr. Telemaster. Has the great flying qualities of Sr. Telemaster but is a parkflyer. When powered as we recommend, the model has lots of power for short takeoffs and steep climbs, and it's light enough to float in for slow and easy landings. Very easy-to-build balsa kit includes laser-cut wing ribs and other parts, wire main landing gear, wire tail skid. For 3 channels: Rudder, Elevator and Throttle.

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    Re: Mini Telemaster Kit

    This is the 4th year I've been flying my Mini-Telemaster. I have the MPJet gearbox with a Speed 400 brushed motor and an 8-cell 1000 mah NiMH battery pack. It is a great flyer. I keep thinking I will build another wing with ailerons, but never seem to get around to it. A set of laser cut ribs would be nice. Any possibility of getting a set of ribs?


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    Re: Mini Telemaster Kit

    Where does the CG sit on the Mini Telemaster?

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    Re: Mini Telemaster Kit

    Oh... and can I get a set of plans to build replacement fuselage pieces?? Are they available? I have the ARF mini..

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