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Thread: Micro-Telemaster All Wood Kit

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    Micro-Telemaster All Wood Kit

    Micro-Telemaster All Wood Kit

    Flies like a Giant with only 35" Wingspan!
    35-1/2" wingspan, 24" long, 192 sq. in. wing area, 6-8 oz. flying weight, 6 oz. per sq. ft. wing loading. Nothing flies like a Telemaster and nothing builds as easy as the Micro-Telemaster kit. The full-size plans and photo-illustrated assembly manual make this the best choice for building your airplane this weekend. All Laser-cut parts and premium grade balsa wood assure easy assembly. Wing leading edges are factory milled to shape. Like its big brothers, Micro-Telemaster flies with authority using the recommended power system. Controls are rudder, elevator and throttle.

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    Re: Micro-Telemaster All Wood Kit

    I have a kit just sitting in the box. I really need to build this cool little plane. I have everything but the covering ready to go. I will try to post some photos during construction.


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    Re: Micro-Telemaster All Wood Kit


    That would be most welcome, that would be a great addition to the forum.
    I might suggest that you go as far as how to cover the plans and how to pin down the parts
    for assembly.
    Make a regular grounds up how to build it, if you would.

    I have never seen anyone do a good explanation of a stick build like the Telemster Micro would be.

    Thanks very much,
    Jay Burkart
    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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    Re: Micro-Telemaster All Wood Kit

    Wish I had taken some photos of building my Micro Telemaster. I covered mine with the famous red/white colors and it looks great.

    It was one of the easiest kits I have ever made, but delicate. Not difficult, but it is a light weight plane that is fragile until covered. Don't worry when building it, once covered it becomes quite strong.

    I powered mine with a 2712/12 outrunner using a 2 cell 500 mAh lipo. Spinning a 9X5 prop, it uses 51 watts to fly with real power. Full throttle is used very little.

    When landing, keep a little power on as the plane is very light and want to slow down alot. With a little power, landings are a very gentle event.

    Best of luck on your build.


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