Gazaur Mars 3D Electric RC Helicopter Kit

Cutting edge design - 3D performance - great durability
29-7/8" main rotor diameter, 28-3/4" overall length, 9-1/16" high, 27-1/2 oz. flying weight. Speed 480-class helicopter with eCCPM (electrical cyclic collective pitch mixing) for precise control. Kit has a rigid and lightweight SSG fiberglass frame, CNC metal and precision molded plastic parts. Mars has a 41-tooth tail drive gear for aggressive 3D flying. Superior design is the key to Gazaur helicopters. They have fewer parts, are lighter weight, and have a unique "floating flybar" head for more linear movement that improves flight stability for greater precision. Dual ball bearing main mast supports high loads from the main shaft at high rotor speeds. The 120-degree eCCPM servo control base gives direct and precise linear control with spot-on phasing for the demanding 3D pilot. Main rotor blades are made of wood covered in white heat shrink film. Canopy is white plastic (custom paint it to suit your taste) and comes with decals. Step-by-step assembly manual has exploded parts diagrams and detail pictures. All parts are clearly labeled and separately bagged for each assembly step. Flight time exceeds 7 minutes. Hobby-Lobby stocks a full line of Gazaur Mars 3D Spare Parts and Upgrades.