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Thread: Twister SkyLift Tandem Rotor RTF Co-Axial R/C Helicopter

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    Twister SkyLift Tandem Rotor RTF Co-Axial R/C Helicopter

    Twister SkyLift Tandem Rotor RTF Co-Axial R/C Helicopter

    The world's first RTF tandem rotor R/C helicopter comes Factory assembled
    Main rotor diameter 340mm (13-3/8"), fuselage length 500mm (19-3/4"), flying weight 400g (14-1/8 oz.). SkyLift comes with a 4 Channel 72 MHz FM R/C Transmitter, 3-cell 11.1V 800 mAh Lipo battery, Lipo battery balance charger, piezo electronic gyro stabilization, 2 extra sets of main rotor blades, and an instructional flight training DVD. Flight duration is approximately 5 minutes per charge. Includes a free PC flight simulator cable.

    The Twister SkyLift is the world’s first RTF (ready-to-fly) tandem rotor semi-scale RC helicopter! Designed to give absolute newcomers and sport pilots the ultimate thrill - never before achievable - in RC model helicopter flight! Up until now, tandem rotor helicopters were considered hugely expensive and difficult to fly - strictly for experts only.

    Not any more!
    Amazingly, we've found the Twister SkyLift is EASIER to hover than normal helicopters. Two co-axial rotor systems working together have to be flown to be believed! Like the other Twister co-axials, the SkyLift is chock-full of features that make it impressively tough and a dream to own and operate. It has a Low Battery Warning system that activates a blue flashing beacon telling you it is time to land and recharge. SkyLift also has a Motor Overload Protection system that helps prevent damage to your drive motors and speed controller in case of a crash.

    Fantastic Introduction to flight!
    This World First is a fantastic introduction to real 4-function R/C helicopter flight and will earn a unique place in every pilot’s hangar. Flight stability is outstanding: 2 co-axial systems provide a degree of stability that newcomers in particular will find ultra-reassuring!

    Returns to hover when sticks released!
    From forward flight, the helicopter tends to return to a hover when the cyclic sticks are released! This makes it much easier to gain confidence more quickly.

    No tail swing makes flying easier!
    For those used to conventional helicopters with pesky tail booms to keep straight, you'll be pleased to find the absence of a tail rotor enhances and improves flight control!

    BIG hugely spaced 8-wheel undercarriage for stability
    No need to worry about rocking and rolling on the ground with your SkyLift - the undercarriage spacing makes take-offs and landings easy, while providing a huge opportunity to practice those famous tandem-rotor ground rolls and reverse running take-offs.

    How come SkyLift is so easy to fly when tandem rotor helicopters have traditionally been so difficult?
    Traditional tandem rotor model helicopters were not designed for super stability, but rather for scale appearance. The SkyLift incorporates the advantages of high stability tandem rotor dynamics and microprocessor control systems with careful use of modern lightweight materials. The result is an incredibly easy-flying RC helicopter.

    How much space do I need?
    Be aware that operating in a small space will provide for a much more challenging flight experience as rolling vortices of air reflected back into the rotor system will have a marked effect on stability.

    Spare Parts
    Hobby Lobby stocks a full line of Twister Skylift Spare Parts and Upgrades.

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    Re: Twister SkyLift Tandem Rotor RTF Co-Axial R/C Helicopter

    I got a Twister SkyLift for Christmas and took it out of the box and began assembling the blades when I noticed that the rear swashplate was not in the right position. The small arm on the swashplate for centering it was not in the forked assembly (part of the main frame). I found it hard to believe the copter was pre flown at the factory. I repostioned it and test flew it for awhile and tried to adjust the trim controls on the transmitter. I soon discovered trim controls for backward were out of range. I had to readjust the swashplate links to get it back into range of the trim controls. I am now readjusting the the gyro gain and yaw trimmer controls on the receiver unit. Want to take it outside but it is too COLD!!!!!! Anyone else out there bought this heli?

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    Re: Twister SkyLift Tandem Rotor RTF Co-Axial R/C Helicopter

    I have set the yaw trimmer but am having trouble with the gyro setting. I have ckeked the support page but it is not to helpful for my. Any one out there that can help.??????????????????Thanks BJB

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    Re: Twister SkyLift Tandem Rotor RTF Co-Axial R/C Helicopter

    Well--what's the verdict? I have never flown helis before and am thinking about buying this one. Shall I buy it, or is it too much trouble??


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    Re: Twister SkyLift Tandem Rotor RTF Co-Axial R/C Helicopter

    Hi. I have owned this copter for a while now and I would not recommend it for a beginner. It is not very stable and because of the size and the extra set of blades it produces quite a draft. You need a lot of room to fly it and the gyro system is not all that. Don't get me wrong it is fun to fly if you like a challange. A good second copter after you get the basics down.........................Thanks>>>>>>>>>>>>>Bi ll

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    Re: Twister SkyLift Tandem Rotor RTF Co-Axial R/C Helicopter

    Hi. One extra note. Look for the battery pack on ebay. I sells for under $10.00 with shipping. Other places want anywhere from $25.00 to $35.00. Do alittle research and save some money...................I guess thats the name of the game these days.............Thanks.....Bill

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    Re: Twister SkyLift Tandem Rotor RTF Co-Axial R/C Helicopter

    When it comes to batteries, you get what you pay for. As it is, a Skylift runs a lot cooler if it is powered by a 25C battery such as the Outrage XP 25. I replaced my Twister's power leads with an EC3 connector. An EC3 connector can handle the current draw without melting, and it made all of my battery connections the same.

    Uploading a picture of the battery setup failed...invalid format. This brings up a question for the moderator - What are valid formats and upload protocols for images?

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    Re: Twister SkyLift Tandem Rotor RTF Co-Axial R/C Helicopter

    Hi. After a year of flying my battery has gone bad. Not alot of flights on it. I took very good care of it. I am kind of dissapointed. After alot of reaserch I found one on ebay for $12.00 including shipping. A little more than I thought I would have to pay. I guess I would rather pay $36.00 for 3 cheaper brands than $36.00 for 1 top quality. I would bet I could make the 3 last longer than the one. As far as proformance I will know when I get it. I will post again when I get one. BTW Hobby Lobby does not carry this copter anymore. I tried to get some lower blades, I believe and I was told that they were not available because the vendor was upset that Hobbly Lobby would not carry there Helicopter any more and would not sell them any more parts for it. Why do WE have to suffer for this????????????Thanks.....................BJB

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    Re: Twister SkyLift Tandem Rotor RTF Co-Axial R/C Helicopter

    Hey moderator, Please respond to the last 2 Posts, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

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    Re: Twister SkyLift Tandem Rotor RTF Co-Axial R/C Helicopter

    Not sure where that information came from. We have a great relationship with the vendor and still carry parts for the skylift. It uses the same blades as the Coast guard and other Twister helicopters and we will get more in stock as soon as our next shipment arrives. I don't know what happened to your battery other than maybe it was pushed too hard from the heli. The 4 motors on it really push the batteries hard. It would be better to get a larger capacity battery to better handle the current.


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