Dragonus II N-PLUS ARF Helicopter

ARF heli is Smooth, Powerful and Responsive!
28-1/2" main rotor diameter, 26" overall length, 27-1/2 oz. flying weight. Speed 450-class helicopter with CCPM (collective cyclic pitch mixing) for precise control. Frame is pre-built! The included 3300 Kv brushless motor comes packaged with a 35 Amp controller and two pinions. Helicopter has a rigid, lightweight aluminum frame. The rotor head is "Programmable"; you can mechanically set it to one of three different settings. Use the mildest setting for initial set-up and general flying. Use the most sensitive setting for instantaneous control, great for advanced fliers and radical 3D flying. The fit and finish of the parts is excellent with no slop. The blades are wood covered in clear heat shrink film. Requires four servos, 6-channel receiver, transmitter, gyro and battery. The canopy is white plastic with optional decals or can be custom painted. Flight times are in the 7-10 minute range. Hobby-Lobby stocks a full line of Dragonus II N-PLUS Spare Parts.