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Thread: Super Dimona 2400 RC Model Glider

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    Super Dimona 2400 RC Model Glider

    Super Dimona 2400 RC Model Glider

    Semi-scale motor glider for powered or thermal flying
    94-1/2" wingspan, 43" long, 625 sq. in. wing area, 65 oz. flying weight. The factory did the hard work for you. Fuselage, wheel pants and winglets are gel-coated fiberglass. Wings and stabilizer are pre-built and covered conventional wood construction. Flying surfaces are pre-hinged. Servo mounts, landing gear mounts, pushrods and wing connecting spar tube are pre-installed. The nose gear is steerable. Assembles quickly, clear photo-illustrated instructions. Removable clear canopy and cockpit interior provides easy access to the equipment and flight batteries. Powered as we recommend the model will take off of a short runway and climb steeply. Turn the motor off and enjoy the thermal performance. Flight times of over 30 minutes are easily achieved with a little thermal help. Easy to build and fly. For 4 channels: Ailerons (2 servos), Elevator, Rudder (and nose wheel steering), and Throttle.

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    Re: Super Dimona 2400 RC Model Glider

    I ordered one of these on the premise it was to be available mid July. Now I see availability is late August. Did you get any of these in and ship them out?

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    Re: Super Dimona 2400 RC Model Glider

    We have not received our shipment of those yet.

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