Aero Master ARC Sailplane

Self-launching sailplane - fly all day on a single charge
97-3/4" wingspan, 49-3/4" long, 685 sq. in. wing area, 58 oz. flying weight. Over 8-foot wingspan sailplane with a wing loading of about 12 oz./sq. ft. and enough power to climb to thermal altitude in seconds. Gloss gel-coated lightweight fiberglass fuselage with a perfect finish, no painting required. Wings are of built up construction with full balsa sheeting, lightweight and strong. Ailerons are pre-cut in the outer wing panels as is the location for the aileron servo. Outer and inner wing panels must be glued, a carbon joiner is provided. Wings slip onto steel joiner rods and are removable for easier transport and storage. Stabilizer and elevator are attached to the fin by screws and are removable. The large tinted canopy gives you great access to the flight batteries and the radio components. Assembly is aided by clear line drawings with all the important dimensions shown. Motor is easily installed in the power pod through the access hatch on top. Wings, Stabilizer and Rudder must be covered with heat shrink covering (White and Yellow covering are included in the Accessory Pack below). Sailplane is easy to hand-launch and can even "Rise-off-Ground" if the grass is short. Climbs are steep, taking the sailplane to thermal altitude in 15 to 30 seconds and there is enough power in the batteries to give climb after climb. With just a small amount of thermal help, hours of soaring flight are possible from a single charge. For 4-Channels: Ailerons (2 servos), Elevator, Rudder and Throttle.