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Thread: Free Bird Mini RC Hotliner

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    Free Bird Mini RC Hotliner

    Free Bird Mini RC Hotliner

    Small, Light and Fast RC Hotliner
    57" wingspan, 32-3/4" long, 294 sq. in. wing area, 22 oz. flying weight, MH32 airfoil. Slender fiberglass fuselage pre-finished in gloss red, motor mount and hatch pre-installed. Wings are built-up balsa and ply construction with full balsa sheeting and pre-covered. Two-piece wing comes with a sturdy fiberglass wing joiner. Individual aileron servos mount in preformed pockets in the wings, elevator servo mounts in fuselage and controls the elevator by pushrod. The power system recommended is fairly "hot", making this a fast flying mini-hotliner with fast level speed and a ballistic climb. Airplane is highly aerobatic but is equally at home sport flying or slope flying. Detailed exploded view drawing shows all required information, airplane can be built in 4-6 hours. For 3-channels, Aileron (2 servos), Elevator, and Throttle.

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    Re: Free Bird Mini RC Hotliner

    Jason how does this one fly and videos?

    This is the first time I saw it.

    What a cool looking little glider.

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    Re: Free Bird Mini RC Hotliner

    It was a fun little warmliner. Not too fast with a wooden spar, but flew nice.

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