Speedy Electric R/C Sailplane

Fast climbing, smooth flying electric launched sailplane
63" wingspan, 38" long, 434 sq. in. wing area, 29 oz. flying weight, RG14 airfoil. Smooth fiberglass fuselage with motor mount pre-installed. Elevator servo will be mounted in the tail for slop-free operation. Wing construction is built up balsa and plywood with balsa sheeting, pre-covered in heat shrink covering. The two wing halves are connected with a strong fiberglass spar joiner. The ailerons have independent servos. Canopy hatch provides easy access to the motor, electronics, and flight batteries. Powerful performer, climbs to thermal altitude in seconds then transitions to a flat glide that signals lift well. Recommended motor and battery provides plenty of power for a dozen climbs to altitude. A clear exploded view drawing guides you through the approximately 4-hour assembly. Suitable for the intermediate builder and pilot. For 3 channels: Ailerons, Elevator, and Throttle.