Cumulus XXL Electric Sailplane

Self-launching sailplane with V-Tail, Ailerons and Flaps
88-5/8" wingspan, 42-3/4" long, 652-1/2 sq. in. wing area, 58 oz. flying weight. The airfoil section is a GQ/W 10%; the V-tail is a flat plate and is removable. Cumulus XXL is a beautifully coordinated glider with a light touch and precise handling. The exceptional handling is most noticeable on the landing approach, where it can be flown slowly. The airplane has full-length camber changing flaps, which can be deflected up as well as down for a broad speed range. By deflecting the flaps up it is better able to penetrate a downdraft and punch through to areas of lift. We powered our Cumulus XXL with an OUTRUNNER for powerful climbs to thermal altitude. With a little thermal assistance you can fly all day on a single battery. Fuselage is gel-coated epoxy glass. The wings and tail are built-up balsa and ply construction pre-covered in opaque and transparent heat shrink covering. Instructions are clear and assembly will take 12-15 hours. For 6 channels: Ailerons (2 servos), Flaps, V-Tail (2 servos), Throttle.