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Thread: Adam Aircraft A-500 ARF Twin

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    Adam Aircraft A-500 ARF Twin

    Adam Aircraft A-500 ARF Twin

    Twin scale RC plane for pusher and tractor prop power
    The Adams Aircraft A-500 was one of the most unique aircraft of recent times. Its push-pull twin-engine arrangement solved the problem of asymmetrical thrust in an engine-out situation by aligning both engines along the centerline of the fuselage. This configuration was most widely seen in the popular Cessna 337 aircraft.

    There were only 7 A-500ís produced before the Adams Aircraft Company declared bankruptcy. The KMP A-500 model captures the elegant Burt Rutan inspired design beautifully and builds into a stunning model, ideal for conversion to electric power. As a matter of fact it makes a better electric powered model than a glow powered one. The centerline motor arrangement makes for an easy electric conversion with plenty of room in the fuselage for the battery packs and fairly short wire runs to the motors. A couple of AXI 4130/16ís and Jeti SPIN77 controllers combined with a 10S Thunder Power battery will fly this all composite aircraft with authority.

    94" wingspan, 81" long, the aircraft is of all hollow molded composite construction and the aluminum trailing link struts and air-operated retracts with alloy wheels are included in the kit at no additional cost (a $200.00 value).

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    Re: Adam Aircraft A-500 ARF Twin to KMP

    Dear All

    this is the video of my first flight to Adam A 500 KMP ........simply better from Italy

    under link Video and Photo

    PHOTO A500

    VIDEO A500

    Regards Enzo Riccio
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails A500_KMP_EnzoRiccio75[1].jpg   A500_KMP_EnzoRiccio122[1].jpg  

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