TAXI 2400

Taxi 2400 ARF Glow Conversion RC Model Airplane
94-1/4" wingspan, 68" long, 1628 sq. in. wing area, 18 pound flying weight. Airplane is laser cut built-up balsa and plywood construction. Cowl and wheel pants are fiberglass, landing gear is aluminum. Aluminum steerable tail wheel unit with pull-pull hardware, special flap hinges, pull-pull rudder controls and large spinner included. 2-piece wings have internally driven flaps and externally driven ailerons. The stabilizer is a 2-piece unit that assembles on an aluminum tube spar; each stab half has its own elevator servo. Designed for an OS Max 160 glow or G26 gas engine. For superior performance use an AXI 5330/24 OUTRUNNER. The power is amazing; sustained knife-edge passes are a breeze; just about any aerobatic pattern maneuver is possible. Conversion to electric is easy. Included is a full size drawing of the motor box that needs to be constructed. Flight times are 15 to 20+ minutes. Flaps slow the airplane for easy landings. Good for aero-towing large scale sailplanes. Clear instructions included. For 5 channels: Ailerons (2 servos), Flaps (2 servos), Elevator (2 servos), Rudder and Steerable tail wheel, and Throttle.