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Thread: Giant Scale Stinson 108 ARF

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    Giant Scale Stinson 108 ARF

    Giant Scale Stinson 108 ARF

    Classic scale RC model for gas or electric power
    108-1/2" wingspan, 81" long, 1680 sq. in. wing area, 19-1/2 lbs. flying weight. The Stinson is one of the most attractive civilian aircraft of the post WW2 period. It could carry 4 people and do it in style. Our version of this airplane is all built-up conventional wood construction from precision laser cut parts. Each model is expertly built by a single technician dedicated to producing an outstanding model. The covering is genuine Oracover, known world-wide for its superior performance. The colors are original factory stock paint schemes, either red over cream or blue over cream. In either case the epoxy glass cowl and wheel pants are painted to match the covering. The landing gear is a robust all-carbon fiber unit, suitable for years of use even under adverse conditions. The wings have scale rib spacing and internally driven flaps. Rudder is a pull-pull system and each elevator half is individually driven.

    Access to the interior of the fuselage is provided by a large hatch in the center of the wing. Designed for gas motors of 26cc or larger, we built ours with a large AXI 5345 Outrunner brushless motor. Either choice provides you a model with excellent performance. With a 10 cell 6000 mAh battery our flight times are 10-12 minutes with reserve. The big Stinson's handling both on the ground and in the air is a total joy, very easy to fly and responsive. For those who want a big elegant airplane that will bring a smile to your face each time you fly, the Stinson is your choice. For 6-channel radio (minimum): Ailerons (2 servos), Flaps (2 servos), Elevator (2 servos), Rudder and Throttle.

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    Re: Giant Scale Stinson 108 ARF

    This is a great airplane at its regular price, the Labor Day Sale price is a STEAL. This is a big airplane with over a 9 foot wingspan and nearly 12 square feet of wing area, a true giant scale airplane with all of the easy to fly character that the big airplanes are known for.

    This model has true to scale outline with scale rib spacing. The details like the chrome grills really add to the full scale look of the airplane. Things that you can't see like the all carbon landing gear add to the value. The genuine Oracover covering is the best you can get and the overall build is as nice as is available anywhere.

    This airplane is a total joy for me to fly, always brings a smile to my face. I will be bringing my nearly 2 year old blue one to NEAT Fair in a couple of weeks, always a favorite. If you are going to attend, come see me for some stick time with this great airplane.

    Mike Hines

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