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Thread: 12 Foot Telemaster

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    12 Foot Telemaster

    12 Foot Telemaster

    HUGE - Tom Hunt calls it "Balsa Overcast"!
    143-1/2" wingspan, 90" long, 3050 sq. in. wing area (over 21 sq. ft.), 23 pounds flying weight, a little over 16 oz. per sq. ft. wing loading (and about 14 oz./sq. ft. when you count the lifting stabilizer). Laser cut wing ribs, aileron, stab and elevator ribs. Construction is conventional all balsa and plywood and the kit for this huge airplane is a veritable lumberyard. Nothing flies like a Telemaster! Its gentle handling character is legendary as is its ability to lift weight. This model can easily lift camera equipment or a camcorder and is so slow and stable that the photos and videos come out beautifully. It jumps off the ground with the recommended AXI 5330 Outrunner motor. Model is easy to build but requires a large area for construction. Wing is three-piece; center section is the width of the fuselage and bolts to it, the two wing panels bolt to the center section. The lift struts are functional and must be used. Wing panels can be built with flaps or without. Lifting stabilizer has an area of 672 sq. in. (larger than many airplane wings) and is removable for transport. Model can also be powered by a gas engine like the Zenoah G-26.

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    Re: 12 Foot Telemaster

    This would be a great project for a large AXI motor!!!

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