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Thread: Ready Built Senior Telemaster

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    Ready Built Senior Telemaster

    Ready Built Senior Telemaster

    Huge, Almost-Ready-to-Fly 8 foot Senior Telemaster ARF available in 2 colors
    94" wingspan, 64" long, 1330 sq. in. wing area (Stab area 320 sq. in.), 10 lbs. 8 oz. flying weight (41 series AXI motor, 16 NiMH cells). This is EXACTLY the same flying weight that it is when equipped with a glow engine. It is READY BUILT and COVERED in red & white iron-on covering. Just install your power system and radio equipment and FLY IT! Ready Built Senior Telemaster is accurately constructed of balsa and hardwoods, with a rib and spar wing. The quality is tops. How does it fly? Its a Telemaster - and nothing flies like a Telemaster! It will land backwards in a 15 mph wind. Its takeoffs are majestic like an airliner. For aerobatics or carrying heavy loads weve included wing struts and secure mounting points that will help the huge wing carry heavier positive G loads. Ready Built Senior Telemaster has a two-piece wing. You can haul it in a small car. Almost all hardware is included in the airplane's box: Wheels, steerable tail wheel, hinges, pushrods, control horns, and more. For 4 channels: Aileron (2 servos), Elevator, Rudder and Throttle. If you are building the Senior Telemaster for glow power you will need a .61 engine (TTR9160).

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    Re: Ready Built Senior Telemaster

    Got one! it has an AXI 4130/20, Castle HV85 controller, and two thunder power 4S, 6000 mAh batteries in series. It performs like it had a super tigre 75 in the nose. Awsome!!!! Duration is from 7 to 9 minutes.

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