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Thread: Uzi XXL

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    Uzi XXL

    Uzi XXL

    Big 3D EPP foam airplane!
    39" wingspan, 40-1/2" long, 698 sq. in. wing area, 25 oz. flying weight. Nearly 5 sq. ft. of wing area, with a wing loading just over 5 oz. per sq. ft. Control surfaces are pre-hinged. The rounded leading edges for all flying surfaces are pre-cut. The airplane will slow to a walking pace or open the throttle and fly straight up. Carbon rods stiffen the structure. EPP foam is very durable. This makes a great combination for 3D flight. Build in a couple evenings. Good illustrated instructions. For 4 channels: Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder and Throttle.

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    Re: Uzi XXL

    I have had this plane the uzi xxl twice , once because my friend refused to give it back ,he liked it so much,yes he paid me. On the other hand to fly this plane is to transcend all flight types . This bird is similar to the old timers yet can 3-d as well as any I have seen but with a flair and Elan that was once lost but know found in this plane. Well you guessed right I love flying her in any weather as wind at 15mph won't bother her. I can easily let anyone fly without worring since it is almost damage proof. Hobby lobby you gave us a truly great plane . Best to you all , Neil

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