Super Zoom EPP ARF

Light and tough EPP 3D aerobat - flies off water with optional floats! Available in three versions
39-1/3" wingspan, 39-3/4" long, 361 sq. in. wing area, 15-1/2 oz. flying weight, a little more than 6 oz. per sq. ft. wing loading. Tough but light EPP foam construction with HUGE control surfaces, make this airplane a top performer. (40% of the symmetrical wing is in the ailerons) Broad speed range, from a walk when in an alpha knife-edge or a harrier, to faster speeds with sharp snaps and crisp point rolls. Easy and tough enough for a beginner yet really comes alive when flown by an experienced pilot. Not limited to indoor flying, the airplane has the power to perform even in moderate wind. Plane is pre-printed with bright 4-color graphics for easy orientation in the air. Hardware includes fiberglass control horns, wire landing gear, wheels, wooden motor mount, wing and fuselage reinforcements. Photo-illustrated instructions take you quickly through each step of the assembly. For 4 channels: Aileron, Elevator, Rudder and Throttle. A radio with end point adjustments and exponential is recommended. Airplane can also be fitted with float set (see item HC1809 below) for water flying.