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Thread: F5-E Tiger Camo ARF

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    F5-E Tiger Camo ARF

    F5-E Tiger Camo ARF

    BIG ducted fan jet with 70mm fan, brushless outrunner motor, speed control, 4-cell flight battery and retracts
    30-1/2" wingspan, 51" long, 35 oz. flying weight. This camouflage painted F-5 is an almost-ready-to-fly jet. The only additional items you need are a 6-channel transmitter, receiver, and a lithium battery charger that can charge the included 4 cell 2200 mAh flight battery; everything else is included. Some easy assembly is required: you must glue the wings and tail onto the fuselage and install the control horns and pushrods to the pre-installed servos. A set of retracts are included. The main gear must be screwed into the wings and connected to the pre-installed retract servos. The steerable/retractable nose gear is pre-installed. The airplane includes 9 pre-installed servos, a 70mm ducted fan unit with outrunner brushless motor, a 40A speed control, a 4 cell 2200 mAh lipoly battery pack, retractable landing gear and assorted hardware. Assembly takes only a couple of hours. This jet has plenty of power to take off from a smooth surface or runway. The speed range is moderate with very good manners. Difficult to stall, the jet will slow to a crawl and still maintain full control. Great to land, the approach is easy to control and smooth landings are easy to do. For 6 channels: Ailerons (2 servos), Elevator (2 servos), Rudder, Nose wheel steering, Retracts (3 servos) and Throttle.

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    Re: F5-E Tiger Camo ARF

    I would like to ask of the Hobby-Lobby sales personnel the reason(s) for discontinuing the F5E Tiger Swiss ARF EDF. The only mention of this action is to place the "Discontinued" heading on the site location. I had the opportunity to purchase the F5-E Tiger Camo ARF from Hobby-Lobby as my first venture into the EDF Jet r/c aircraft. There were some problems with that particular aircraft and Hobby-Lobby was gracious enough to exchange that praticular model for a different type. The yearning for the F5-E is still very active and I was hoping the previous issues with that model would be corrected. This being so, it would be then that I would purchase the Swiss version. Now I find that the F-5 E is being discontinued. No further explanation for this is made available to us. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone has any informatio :( n regarding this subject they would post it here. Should Hobby-Lobby wish to contact me and discuss this matter they have my email address, home phone number and home address. Appreciate any and all assistance. Thanks....................George V. Benedetto - NOMAC

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    Re: F5-E Tiger Camo ARF

    We have sold the F5E for some time. It's life cycle is coming to an end and we need the room on our shelf for new models that we are bringing in. It's still a great airplane and looks awesome in the air.

    Jason Cole
    Hobby Lobby

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    Re: F5-E Tiger Camo ARF

    I just gotta say that everyone at the club stops what they are doing when I'm flying my StarMax F5. I've had some trouble with it (EDF exploding during pre-maiden ground test, and folding landing gear on very gentle landings), but all in all it's been a huge success in the air.

    Kudos to Hobby Lobby for bringing us this great F-5. :)

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    Re: F5-E Tiger Camo ARF

    I'm thinking of getting the F- 35 to substitute the F-5 that I have. What are the motor specs for the F-5 and would the motor/ESC work in the F- 35?

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