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Thread: Spitfire RTF with 2.4 GHz Radio

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    Spitfire RTF with 2.4 GHz Radio

    Spitfire RTF with 2.4 GHz Radio

    Quick and easy to assemble - ready to fly in an hour
    34-5/8" wingspan, 32-1/4" long, 24 oz. flying weight. Pre-built and pre-painted Ready-to-Fly model of Britainís most famous WW2 fighter. Includes brushless outrunner motor, brushless speed control, 3-cell 1300 mAh lipo battery and lipo battery safety charger. By the time that you can charge the flight batteries you can have the airplane ready-to-fly. Includes everything that you need all in one box, even a 2.4 GHz radio system for glitch free flying and no frequency conflicts.

    The Spitfire is all pre-painted molded foam construction with decals pre-applied. Includes scale looking landing gear that is removable. The top hatch is held in place by magnets and is easily removed for access to the flight batteries. The flight performance is excellent all aerobatic maneuvers are possible. Elliptical wings can sometimes stall sharply, but this Spitfire has a tamer nature and has solid predictable handling throughout all flight speeds. Model has 4 servos: Ailerons (2), Elevator, Rudder and Tailwheel steering.

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    Re: Spitfire RTF with 2.4 GHz Radio

    A great warbird but not for beginners. Take your time and lessen the control
    inputs some and you will have fun flying the spit. The huge 3-blade prop and motor give you plenty of power.

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    Re: Spitfire RTF with 2.4 GHz Radio

    Your right, this isn't for beginners but is a powerful fun to fly aerobatic warbird.

    I wasn't happy about the shiny paint job so I used a little matt clear acrylic to kill the shine. I applied this out of the can with a cheap foam brush. That way I didn't have to mask anything and the job only took about 15 minutes. The product that I used was called Delta Ceramcoat Matt Interior Varnish. I got it from a Michael's hobby/art supply store for a little more that $1. The jar was 8 oz., enough for a dozen planes or more.

    Mike Hines

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    Re: Spitfire RTF with 2.4 GHz Radio

    It this ARF, or any of the other similar types, available with a Mode 1 transmitter?
    Can the transmitter be converted to Mode 1, or are the stick gimbels wirelessly connected?

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    Re: Spitfire RTF with 2.4 GHz Radio

    I am sorry but this is Mode 2 only.
    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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