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Thread: Waco Biplane RTF

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    Waco Biplane RTF

    Waco Biplane RTF

    Quick to build, fun to fly, assembles in about an hour
    39" wingspan, 31" long, 503 sq. in. wing area, 24 oz. flying weight. All molded foam Ready-To-Fly biplane complete with brushless OUTRUNNER motor and speed controller, 72 MHz 4-channel radio, 3 servos, propeller and spinner. A 3-cell 1300 mAh Lithium Polymer battery and Balance Lithium Poly Charger are included (requires 12 volt battery or power supply). Airplane is pre-painted with decals pre-applied. Assembly requires a Phillips screwdriver and about and hour of time.

    Install 8-AA batteries (not included) in the transmitter, charge your flight batteries and you are ready to fly. The OUTRUNNER brushless motor provides the power needed for aerobatic maneuvers like rolls, loops and inverted flight. Ailerons are on both the top and bottom wings for better roll control. Airplane has a gentle stall. Landings are slow and easy. Comes complete with all necessary small parts and instruction manual. Suitable as a first aileron airplane.

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    Re: Waco Biplane RTF


    I love the look of this plane and by the video looks like it has very stable flight characteristics. Does HL sell this as a plug-n-play version as well?


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    Re: Waco Biplane RTF

    Sorry, it's only a RTF, but it's no problem to put your own radio gear into it.

    Jason Cole

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    Re: Waco Biplane RTF

    I also would like to have one of these as plug and play - I have about 7 of the transmitters that come with this and the Decathlon RTF - Is there a chance to purchase only the airplane?

    Byron Gohl = Erie CO

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    Re: Waco Biplane RTF

    I am sorry but we do not have this model as an airframe version.
    We only have this model as a RTF.
    Jay Burkart
    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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    Re: Waco Biplane RTF

    I am looking to buy this awesome plane but wanted to know what transmitter it came with? Is this a good plane for a mid level flyer? Thanks

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    Re: Waco Biplane RTF

    Quote Originally Posted by Digital_Flyer
    I am looking to buy this awesome plane but wanted to know what transmitter it came with? Is this a good plane for a mid level flyer? Thanks

    Yes it would make a good mid level aircraft for the person that has flown aileron aircraft. The radio is a good 4 channel 2.4 ghz radio with receiver, however if you have your own radio you can certainly use it in this plane as well.

    It only comes as a RTF plane but it flies just fine with the installed equipment. The video of the plane flying is always done with existing equipment in the RTF versions.


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    Re: Waco Biplane RTF

    I have a Waco thats been setting up since 2008 and I got it out the other day to try to fly it. Charged the battery up but cant get much of a response from the plane when it is all powered up. If i remember correctly when you connect the battery the motor is supposed to beep but it doesn't even do that now. I have gotten the servos to chatter a little bit but they dont move in response to the controls. Any ideas as to what could be wrong.? The battery checks out good reading around 12 v. It is a 72 mHz radio.

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    Re: Waco Biplane RTF

    Make sure the esc is connected, tightly. Have you left the battery connected at one point in the plane, or have forgotten to disconnect it at some point. It sounds as though the esc has gone bad, but can't tell for sure. If you have another esc that you can plug in, try it and see if things begin to work.

    Hope this helps,


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