Bellanca Decathlon 480 RTF

Nothing else to buy - easy flyer even has radio included
40" wingspan, 29-1/2" long, 245 sq. in. wing area, 21-1/2 oz. flying weight. A fine airplane for a beginner to RC. Airplane has a large wing area that makes it easy to fly. It takes off from a smooth surface or with a hand launch. It's easy to land. Made of injection molded dense beaded foam. Assembly time is a few hours, most of it waiting for the glue to dry. Main landing gear snaps into position, tail wheel is steerable, functional lift struts lock into place with cotter pins. Everything is here: It includes 4 channel radio (only 3 channels are used - rudder, elevator, throttle - ailerons included but are not used), motor, prop, 8-cell 600 mAh 9.6V NiMH flight battery and 110V plug-in wall charger. Spare propeller and spinner are included.