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Thread: Pilot-1 PA-12 1/4 Scale ARF

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    Pilot-1 PA-12 1/4 Scale ARF

    ACW412 Pilot-1 PA-12 1/4 Scale ARF

    For those who love Cubs but want one a little different
    106-3/8" wingspan, 67" long (without spinner), 1581 sq. in. wing area, 15-1/2 pounds (electric version). All built up conventional balsa and plywood construction with the emphasis on scale looks and light weight. Wings have scale rib spacing and are pre-built and covered. Scale wing struts and jury struts are included as well as the scale covers for the ends of the struts. The cowl is a pre-finished fiberglass unit with hinge and panel lines molded in. All covering is genuine Oracover beautifully pre-installed. All flying surfaces are pre-slotted for the included hinges. Extensive hardware pack with quality clevises and control horns provided. Can be built either as an electric model or with a gas engine. It doesn't need a lot of power to fly beautifully. Ours is powered by an AXI 5320/28 on only 8-cells and flies for 15-25 minutes on 6000 mAh. Wings are removable for transport. The big PA-12 has all the docile flight character that makes Cubs so popular. The ground handling is solid and its presence in the air is uncanny. On final approach it's easy to mistake it for its full size brother.

    For more information click HERE

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    Re: Pilot-1 PA-12 1/4 Scale ARF

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    Can you tell me what covering is used on this plane? (brand and colors)

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    Use Deep Red Ultracote (HANU871) and Cream Ultracote (HANU878). Here's a link to our Ultracote covering page

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