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Thread: Pilot-1 Champ 1/8 Scale

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    Pilot-1 Champ 1/8 Scale

    ACW800 Pilot-1 Champ 1/8 Scale ARF

    52" wingspan, 32" long, 362 sq. in. wing area, 34 oz. flying weight. All laser cut built-up wood construction with true scale outline and proportions. A contemporary of the Piper Cub; the Champ was its biggest competitor and in many ways its superior. Like its full scale counterpart, the 1/8 scale Champ is a joy to fly, easy and relaxed. Shoot touch-and-go's, cruise around or do some lazy aerobatics, it's all in a day's work with the Champ. The model comes with all main components pre-built and pre-covered with all hinges pre-slotted and ready to glue. Landing gear is pre-bent and ready to install. Fiberglass cowl is pre-finished to match the color of the airplane. Complete step-by-step photo illustrated instructions assure that even a novice builder will be successful. Assembly will take about 6-8 hours. For 4-channel control: Ailerons (2 servos), Elevator, Rudder and Throttle.

    For more information and to watch the video click HERE

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    Re: Pilot-1 Champ 1/8 Scale

    New permanent pricing change.... Now just $129.99

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    Re: Pilot-1 Champ 1/8 Scale

    Am giving some thought to converting a 1/8 scale Champ to glo or diesel power, using an .09 to .15 and reinforcing the firewall forward area to take the higher vibrational stresses. I am looking for more realistic scale speeds, not the rocket-like climb of the electric powered model in the video. With about a 38 oz. total weight, would an .09 diesel swinging a 9x5 or 9x6 prop to keep the RPM and vibration down, have sufficient power ?

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    Re: Pilot-1 Champ 1/8 Scale

    Great question. I'm not familiar with the power output of diesel engines. Maybe someone on here will know the answer.

    Jason Cole

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    Re: Pilot-1 Champ 1/8 Scale

    I know it has been a while since there was any posting in this thread, hopefully this post will be seen.

    I wanted to find out what the dimensions are for the replacement yellow covering for this plane. While I am admittedly quite disappointed in the poor quality construction on my ARF out of the box (most of which was not repairable by merely twisting and reshrinking covering) it is still a beautiful plane to look at and is in need of some patch work.


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    Re: Pilot-1 Champ 1/8 Scale

    It's the same width as a normal roll of covering. Not sure of the length exactly, but it looked at least 3 or 4ft long. Hope that helps. It's more of a full roll, than just a patch piece.


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    Re: Pilot-1 Champ 1/8 Scale

    Hi Jason,

    I received my roll of covering today and it is a good size roll (roughly 2ft x 6.67ft). I am now wondering what the iron temperatures might be for this covering for adhering and for shrinking. Are there any instructions from the manufacturer for this?

    Thanks for your time,


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    Re: Pilot-1 Champ 1/8 Scale

    Hi Bob,
    Don't have any specs from them, but I've used it at a medium/high setting before (don't remember what temperature that was) and it worked well.

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