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    • How to use Hobby Express'ss Support Forum

      Hobby Express's support forum is a fast easy way for you to get the information you need. For years we've used email and phone calls to serve our customers. Emails can get lost and phone calls can drop and the information given is likely useful for other customers with the same questions. On the forum your question won't get lost and the answer will be available for all to see.

      Using our Support Forum, you can post your question and get a response from the Hobby Express staff with 48 hours, or for more general questions, a member of the community can respond and help out. We encourage you to visit the forum regularly and participate in the discussions.

      Don't forget the search box. More than likely, your question has been asked before. Start out by typing your question or just putting the name of the product in the search box and hit enter. You'll see all the posts right there, nice and easy.

      Using the forum is simple. Just register for an account and then you can post the questions you have in the forum. You can even attach photos and videos and share your fun R/C experiences. The forum is divided up into many categories so you can post in the section that is relevant to your question.